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Phone Buying Guide: Find it, Customize it, Fix it.

Updated February 2016

Smartphones are everywhere. Along with calling and texting, these pocket-sized computers help you stay organized and productive in any setting.

So how do you find the right phone? This easy list will help you make an informed decision.


What’s the right size screen? With available screen sizes trending upward, users are able to do and see more than ever. Using a productivity app, videoconferencing and accepting credit card payments all benefit from larger screen size. Apple’s iPhone® 6s Plus is available with a display of 5.5”. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Galaxy s6 Edge boasts a prominent display of 5.1”. 

But don’t just use your eyes when choosing size. Some people opt for the comparatively smaller 4.7” display of the iPhone 6s simply because it’s lighter and fits in your hand and pocket more easily.

iPhone vs. Android™? Each system has advantages over the other, but comparing features and specs is just the beginning. It used to be that Apple’s App Store, packed to its virtual ceiling with iOS apps for iPhones, outshined the number of apps available for Android devices. But these days, most apps are developed for both operating systems, so Android users won’t be left out browsing the robust Google Play store.

Next, think about how you’ll integrate your phone with other devices, such as tablets and laptops. For example, if you already use an iPad® and MacBook, consider an iPhone for seamless navigation through files and your music library between devices.

How much storage do I really need? With so many cloud storage choices available, storing files on the phone isn’t important to some users. But if storing everything from presentations and files to photos and videos on the phone is important, particularly where cellular service or Wi-Fi is spotty, choose internal storage of up to 128GB. 


Make your phone your own – and protect it, too. Covers and cases aren’t just for show – they’re lifesavers for small businesses. A broken phone means wasting time for yourself or your team. For less downtime and more productivity, insist on covers and cases to keep your phone safer. There’s a range of choices, from bumpers that highlight the phone’s design to bigger covers with credit card slots.

For iPhone extended protection, AppleCare+ is available. Customers get additional repair coverage and support from Apple, the people who know iPhone’s best. AppleCare+ extends your repair coverage and technical support for two years from the original purchase date of the iPhone. And it adds coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage from handling.

SquareTrade® Protection Plan can be purchased for Android smartphones. These 2-year plans always include Accidental Damage since they are portable devices. Accidental Damage includes cracked screens and broken internal/external parts, as well as from spills (whether it is one splash, one spill, or full immersion in liquid).

Protect that screen. Cracked screens won’t be an inevitable outcome of smartphone use when you make screen protection part of your purchase. From standard press-on protectors to Liquid Armor, which is clear, leaves no bubbles and is up to 2x stronger than typical protection, ensure your screen enjoys a long life.

Enhance your audio. The speakers in your smartphone aren’t exactly sonic powerhouses. But you can pump up the volume and add pristine sound with portable audio options, such as wireless speakers and headphones from Bose® and Beats by Dr. Dre™.


Nobody’s perfect. And protective cases aren’t 100% foolproof. Fortunately, many damaged devices can be saved. Whether it’s user error or mechanical failure, pros handle damaged phone problems like:

  • Repairing cracked screens
  • Drying out wet phones (ask your repair pro if TekDry services are available)
  • Replacing glitchy home buttons and charge ports
  • Fixing broken cameras

So stress less and shop smarter – your ideal phone is within reach.

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