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Best Travel Tech: 6 Things to Consider Packing

Updated February 2016

Matt Carrara is a road warrior. The Massachusetts-based manufacturing executive travels 20–25 times a year domestically, as well as to Europe and Asia. Matt’s also a self-described underpacker. “My goal is to always carry on –– I never check a bag. I utilize local laundry services at the hotel,” he says. For quicker passes through airport security, he wears slip-on shoes and carries a TSA-friendly backpack. 

But when it comes to the best travel tech, Matt is a proud overpacker. His list of must-haves includes:

Wherever you’re traveling, this list will give you food for thought as you work your way up to official road warrior status.

1. Tablets travel well. What’s new with tablets? They’re more robust. And they just might encourage you to leave the laptop at home on your next business trip. Here’s a look at two models generating buzz:

iPad Pro: The big 12.9” display means presentations pop off the screen and videos maintain clarity. It’s also surprisingly light so it won’t weigh you down as you run to catch your connecting flight. And the Smart Keyboard Cover is more than just good protection for the screen. It’s a more-than-capable substitute in feel and function for a laptop keyboard. Plus, more and more apps are being optimized for the larger screen size.

Microsoft® Surface Pro 4. Running on a Windows 10 platform, these tablets are Microsoft’s comparable product to Apple’s iPad Pro. It offers performance and versatility for professionals, creatives and more. Available in 8GB and 4GB models, Surface Pro 4 powers through everything you need to do, while being lighter than ever before. Go from an ultra-portable tablet to a complete laptop in a snap –– wherever you are.

2. But laptops still rule on the road. It’s tough to beat the flexibility of a laptop. And with enhanced specs, combined with the business-friendly features of Windows 10, you won’t sacrifice power and performance for portability.

3. Protect your investment. All it takes is one accident to turn your productivity-enhancing tablet into glorified paperweight with a broken glass screen. So protect it with a cover or case. Feature options include waterproof cases and covers that also incorporate a keyboard.

4. Feel the power. Mobile devices are nothing without power. So make sure you bring the right charger and accessories.

5. Print on the go. These days, you don’t have to be hardwired into a network of printers. Wireless mobile printers are perfect choices whether you’re at a remote worksite or a trade show booth. They’re compact, portable and boast surprisingly high-resolution printouts for both text and graphics.

Safe travels, fellow road warriors!

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