Water damaged phone repair at select Staples® stores.

Wet phone?

We’ve got you.

Give your favorite device a second chance — fast and risk free! We can help get your wet phone back to normal. All we need is as little as 30 minutes with our in-store water removal TekDry® machine. And if it doesn’t do the trick, there’s no charge to you.

The damage is done. Now what?

Sticking your phone in a bowl of rice is NOT the answer.

Shut off your device.

This will help prevent a short circuit.

Don’t plug it in.

Water and electricity don’t mix.

Bring it to your local store ASAP!

We’ll use our our in-store TekDry® water removal machine.

Find a store

Select your state to find the closest Staples store with TekDry services.

Risk-Free Pricing

We can fix more than just phones — this service can recover many devices.

And don’t forget, if it doesn’t work, you pay nothing.

Small Devices


Key fobs


Remote controls

Flash drives

Medium Devices






Wearable Technology

Large Devices*



Game systems

DVD/Blu-ray players

*Select stores only.
The Benefits of TekDry®

When it comes to saving your favorite device, you want technology you can count on.

Protects the surface

The water removal process causes no cosmetic damage whatsoever.

Preserves data

If the process is successful, your data will be exactly as it was.

Keeps it in one piece

We will not have to take your device apart to save it.

Stays cool

The TekDry® machine uses a safe, low temperature so there will be no overheating.

Uses safe materials

You can feel good knowing the process does not use chemicals.

Saves money

Saves you the cost of a deductible or a new phone.

Drop the rice. The myth is busted.

See how the alternatives to water damage recovery compare.

Device in a bowl of rice

After 48 hours
Only 13% of liquid removed

Device dried out in air

After 48 hours
Only 15% of liquid removed

Device dried out with TekDry machine

In just 20 minutes
100% of liquid removed

Percentages refer to the water removal success rate only. But remember, if it doesn't work, you don't pay.
Source: DTJ Consulting and TekDry's Evaluation of "Rice as Method of Drying Out Waterlogged Cell Phones".
TekDry is a machine that provides a combination of low-pressure, controlled heat and metallic beads to create a safe, low-temperature environment to remove moisture from devices.