Custom Desk Signs

Add a personal touch to your workspace with custom desk signs that reflect your name and title. Ensure all of the clients and customers who sit down at your desk know exactly who they're talking to, and show off your unique sense of style in the process with these fashionable personalized signs.
  • Select from an array of stand materials when creating custom desk signs. Choose solid walnut for traditional offices or choose sleek black or aluminum for more modern spaces.
  • Discover color selections that match the decor of your workspace, including brilliant reds and blues or more sedate brushed gold or white.
  • Creating your own custom design complete with the font of your choice is as easy as uploading a file and ordering. Alternately, choose from pre-made templates to speed up the creation process.
1 starting at $16.99
  • Desk signs come with a silver, gold, black or walnut holder to complement your office decor
  • 28 unique lettering and background color combinations for name plate
  • Holder is freestanding, with rectangular base, back and slanted front
  • Name plate with 1/16" thick, 2-ply micro-surfaced ABS plastic
  • Quantity
    2" x 8"
    2" x 10"