School Supplies

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Stocking up school supplies is easy with the wide assortment of choices available. Whether a child is entering grade school or high school, find plenty of electronics and accessories as well as writing, drawing, and coloring supplies. Look for a large selection of carry-all bags for girls and boys to keep essentials organized, centrally located, and easy to transport. Helpful supplies include erasers, pens, pencils, and glue sticks that are also available in bulk. Find everything at Staples that teachers and students need to get through the school year.

Elementary School Supplies
Each teacher has a certain list of items that young children need for the classroom. Let this list be the guide for what is necessary and shop accordingly. Look for crayons and pencils in sizes for small hands and available in many colors from popular brands such as Crayola? and Color Splash. Pencil cases are a convenient way for little ones to keep their utensils organized. Home-schooled students or those who take online classes also have a list of supplies that they need to run classrooms at home. Kids' scissors with rounded edges, lined and unlined paper, and paint and paintbrushes are items that may be required for all young students.

Must-Have High School Essentials
High school students can do homework and stay connected with teachers and peers with Wi-Fi-enabled laptops. A home-schooled child may prefer a stationary desktop computer and may need a printer and/or scanner for submitting assignments. Look for multifunctional electronics from well-liked brands such as Canon, Epson?, and HP?. Highlighters and markers are always helpful and are available from popular brands such as Expo, Pilot, and Sharpie.

School Necessities for Any Student
Students who prefer homemade lunches or who take snacks to school need school lunch bags. They are available in many sizes and fun colors and patterns from well-liked brands such as JAM Paper?, Natico, and PACKIT?. Stock up on writing utensils, notebooks, and paper so they will always be on hand. Paper Mate?, Mead?, and Sustainable Earth by Staples? are just a few of the name brands to choose from.

What Are the Most Important Notebook Features?
Notebooks come with a variety of features that include separated subject sections, interior pockets, and hole punches. For those who remove paper to turn in or to transfer to 3-ring binders, look for notebooks with perforated sheet edges and side holes. Some students prefer notebooks equipped with several pockets to store syllabuses, assignments, and loose papers.

What Should You Look for in Backpack Features?
Individual student needs dictate what features are most important. For those who carry everything they need, look for attributes such as interior zippered pockets to keep items organized and exterior pockets to keep essentials close at hand. Young children benefit from comfort features such as adjustable or stabilizing straps and padding. Popular school backpack brands include JanSport, SWISSGEAR, and Targus.

What School Supplies Help Keep Kids Germ-Free at School?
The most popular items for keeping kids clean at school include hand sanitizer, hand wipes, and bottled water. If the schools allow it, pack bottled water for your children. This keeps them from drinking from water fountains, therefore minimizing contact. Look for bottled water from Arrowhead?, Nestle? Pure Life?, and Poland Spring?. Provide hand and face wipes and hand sanitizer singles from brands like Purell?, Clorox?, and Wet Ones?, which they can easily slip into their backpacks.

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