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Store Security & Operations

Store/Retail Security & Operations – Keep Your Business Secure

Security is important to every business, making cameras, mirrors, security clocks, and safety signs a must. Choose from brands such as Lathem, Defender, and Foxfire. These products keep you, your store, your employees, and your customers safe.

Security Cameras and Mirrors

Security cameras let you monitor your business for any unusual or suspicious activity. Choose wireless security cameras, wired security cameras, entire security systems, and security accessories. In addition to cameras, security mirrors add extra protection, so employees on the floor can see what is happening in other areas of the store. Whatever you choose, you have a full view of your business to keep it, your customers, and your employees safe.

Time Clocks and Badges

An automated time clock and electric time clock let you track employees. Know exactly when your employees clocked in and out for work, and follow their attendance. Identification badges let you know who everyone is. Choose basic premade badges or custom name tags and badges.

Key Organizers

Keys are easy to misplace, but a key organizer keeps them all in one place so you know exactly where they are. With cabinets that hold up to 240 keys, you’re sure to find the perfect size for your business needs. Key accessories such as tags reduce confusion by helping you remember exactly what each key unlocks.

Safety Signs

Signs are some of the most important items in your business, because they relay important information to customers, visitors, and employees. Safety signs warn of potential hazards, such as spills, while policy signs provide information and enforce rules, such as no smoking. Labor law signs are required and provide information regarding employee rights.