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Servers & Accessories

Protect your company's operational data from theft or loss using servers and accessories. Increase the storage capacity of your internal network, and provide employees with secure wireless access. Choose from a wide array of accessories that aid in presentations, data sharing, and backups.

Secure Storage
Provide employees with secure storage for essential operational data using servers and accessories. Choose options with drives designed to hold large amounts of information that feature massive amounts of system memory for ultra-fast operation to keep your business running smoothly. This combination of high-capacity storage and large amounts of RAM ensures every computer on your network can upload and download files to and from a central location at a brisk pace, boosting the efficiency of your workers.

Easy Upgrades
Speed up the movement of data in your office by equipping your servers with extra memory modules. Just like your desktop computer, servers use RAM modules to hasten delivery and storage of information. By increasing the amount of available memory, employees gain access to information stored on servers more efficiently, making upgrading your equipment an economical and time-saving solution to lagging workflow.

Convenient Setup
Create a central bank for all your data needs using servers and accessories. Discover racks, rails, and shelves that secure your rack-mounted servers to prevent potentially catastrophic equipment loss. Use KVM switches, extenders, and cables to allow your IT department to quickly troubleshoot servers with full accessibility to a keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Casters that mount to the bottom of shelves and racks make moving your equipment from place to place around the office simple and safe.