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Recycled Packing Peanuts

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Use recycled packing peanuts to ensure large and small items remain safe and damage-free during delivery. The cushioned peanuts are made from recycled packing materials and easily fill empty spaces in shipping boxes. Packing peanuts are used in a variety of industries and are useful in many types of shipping applications that involve the transport of electronics, glassware, and ceramic cookware. Staples® has an extensive selection of shipping and storage products to aid in your next project.

Recycled Packing Peanuts Are Useful for Storage and Shipping
The peanuts are lightweight and are easy to pour around large objects. The tiny pieces of polystyrene compact together and absorb shocks involved with accidental bumps and drops that occur during transportation, so your belongings stay safe, insulated, and protected during the trip. Place precious family heirlooms in the middle of a sturdy box and then pack cushioned peanuts around the objects to ensure the sentimental items maintain form and remain damage-free. Staples carries additional recycled packing materials, like flexible bubble rolls, to add an extra layer of cushioned protection for safe storage.

Consider the Different Colors of Recycled Packing Peanuts for Your Next Project
Try colorful green or pink 1 inch pieces of squeezable packing pieces to fill unused space in birthday boxes and other types of gifts that are shipped to celebrate an occasion for a friend, relative, or co-worker. The anti-static packing pieces come in a variety of measurements that range from under an inch up to 20 inches in size. Biodegradable packing peanuts are non-toxic and easily break down over time. The single pieces do not stick to clothing and are easy to clean up and reuse for another packing or storage project.

What Are Some Alternative Uses for Recycled Packing Peanuts?
Use a packing peanut instead of a small foam brush to apply glue and other adhesives to a variety of surfaces, then discard when done. Add tiny pieces of packing foam to beanbag furniture for extra cushioned comfort. The versatile pieces of foam are used in arts-and-crafts projects for elementary and high school students. A handful of packing peanuts placed at the bottom of a planter provides increased drainage without weighing down the pot. The pieces of foam are recyclable but check with your neighborhood recycling facility for proper disposal according to local guidelines.

Are There Benefits to Using Biodegradable Packing Peanuts?
Yes. The individual pieces of biodegradable material are made from non-toxic sources, like corn and wheat, so the product easily breaks down over time. Biodegradable peanuts dissolve in water and can then be added to compost for use around trees and flowers.

Are There Other Products Used With Recycled Packing Peanuts?
Yes. Packing peanuts are almost 100 percent air, so the lightweight pieces easily fill unused space in boxes to prevent objects from shifting during transport. Items wrapped in bubble wrap and packing paper provide fragile items additional layers of protection during shipping and storage. Packing tape ensures the sturdy shipping boxes remain closed and the objects remain safe and secure inside the containers.

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