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Office & Business Software

Computers and business software are an essential part of running a company in today's world. The right office software makes it simple to manage inventory, produce professional-quality documents and organize financial records. Staples carries a complete selection of document production, data organization and business management software compatible with Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows and other desktop and portable operating systems.

Take Control of Business Data
Businesses run on information. Office software keeps data organized and gives staff the tools they need to perform their jobs efficiently. Small business inventory software tracks what's on the shelves, ensuring customers can find what they need. HR software manages employee records and ensures compliance with complex government regulations, and bookkeeping business software keeps financial and tax records organized.

Create a Business Message
Business documents are often the first thing a new customer sees, and a good first impression goes a long way toward securing new business. Use business software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat to create professional-quality printed and electronic documents and presentations that are customized to show company products and capabilities in the best possible light. You can also use office software to generate easy-to-read reports that keep employees on the same page, produce business cards for sales staff and create printed fliers or email messages to keep customers informed about special offers.

Business Data Control
Information is only valuable if employees can use it. Business software provides data storage solutions that give office staff access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively. Office software also ensures critical documents and records are well managed. The best software for small business keeps data and documents organized in centralized locations instead of tucked away on easily lost thumb drives or in hard-to-find personal folders. Business software solutions for data backup and recovery also keep databases, documents and financial records secure.

The right business management software gives business owners and employees the tools they need to keep the office running smoothly and customers happy. Every business is unique, and Staples has the document creation, productivity and financial software to meet almost any company's needs.