Networking & WiFi

Computer networking equipment and WiFi let you create the network your employees or home need, whether it's a fast and efficient one that is capable of handling thousands of inquiries per second or a simple one that lets your customers get online. Firewalls give you security, a wireless router connect you via WiFi, a USB wireless adapter provides WiFi on the go, and network attached storage let you store everything you need. You can even get networked security cameras that record everything and transmit that information over your network, or a wifi extender to extend the range of your network.

Easy Connections
Modems and routers are crucial computer networking equipment devices that ensure your network is easy to access. Modems translate signals from the phone line or cable network and feed it into a router, which can then disseminate the signal. Some routers come with built-in modems, which can save on money. Routers tend to be for small businesses and individuals needing a basic and easy network setup, integrating simple security while offering support for up to 254 users. If you need a more complex setup, consider getting a network switch.

Defeat External Network Threats
Firewalls let you upgrade your security with ease and are often used in conjunction with network switches. Many offer a live security option that will update regularly, although this is often a subscription option. Choose one that fits into your rack system so that it's easy to install. Don't let your firewall be the limiting factor in your network's speed-choose one that is slightly faster than your overall network and ensure it offers the security you need.

Keep Data Secure
Data security is more vital than ever, and it's essential that your computer networking equipment has a centralized data center that can handle the data-heavy demands of users. Some network attached storage modules have built-in RAID options that let you back up data, and many attach to your switch by USB and Ethernet.