Books & Magazines

Use books and magazines for supplemental teaching tools in your class, or help employees learn new skills with industry-specific selections. Discover books that encompass a wide array of subject matter. Find periodicals to entertain visitors to your waiting area or keep up with the latest trends.

Enhance Early Learning
Give your little ones a leg up on classwork with books and magazines designed to speed up the learning process. Choose education books geared toward specific grade levels, or select craft and hobby books loaded with projects to keep children entertained for hours. Language arts books help little learners grasp grammatical concepts and even learn new languages. Give older students access to fiction and biography selections to help them expand their academic horizons.

Industry-Specific Information
Keep up with the latest business trends that affect your company's bottom line with industry-specific books and magazines. Find law and medical books that add supplemental knowledge to your education arsenal, or select business and economics books to develop a better marketing strategy for your company. Computer books help your employees learn new software and operating systems, making them an excellent choice to stow on bookshelves around your office.

Easy Subscriptions
Stock your waiting area or lobby with an array of magazines that suit the tone of your business, while providing entertainment for visitors before meetings and appointments. Set up subscriptions for easy monthly delivery to your home or office, and choose the frequency of delivery based on your needs. For areas children frequent, keep magazines suitable for their age levels handy for a quick distraction before contentious visits.